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Blooming Cosmos @ Lopburi

Do you know that popular Thai food menu for real Thai people aren’t Pad Thai or Tom Yam? Have you ever heard Pad ka prao or holy basil stir fried? This pad ka prao is the fastest and the number one ordering menu for lunch. If you would like to try Pad ka prao with a lovely cosmos field plus outstanding mountain scenery, here is the special place for you.
Kraprao and Coffee is a café in Lopburi province where take only two hours and a half from Bangkok by car. (14.8029737,100.7522568) This café is adorable and you could never felt bored to revisit again and again because they would décor it seasonally with beautiful ornaments related to the upcoming special days. So please dress your favorite outfits and wear your beautiful smile to have a lot of pretty pictures here e.g. dress in Christmas theme in winter or wear some colorful shirt in summer due to Songkran (Thai New Year) festival.
The background the café is Cheen Lae Mountain or Khao Cheen Lae where the biggest sunflower field in Thailand located thus relax and appreciate the natural beauty of these blooming cosmos and vivacious sunflowers right here in Lopburi. In addition, you could enjoy shopping local snacks and other sunflower products. If you really love cosmos or sunflower, buy some seeds and grow them at home then you can appreciate its blossom out anytime.
The colors of the cosmos field change from green to yellow, pink and, purple in winter and summer. In May until August is a rainy season in Thailand therefore, the cosmos will be regrow and will be ready to bloom by September. New Year Holiday and Songkran festival will have a lot of people during long holidays.
Kraprao and Coffee café opens daily all year round from 8 am to 18:00. Entrance fee is 20 THB.
Recommended menu is all kind of meat stir fried with holy basil leaves.
Best time to visit are April and December.